Day Ninety-Seven, February 5, 2014

showersteam bw logoWe have a window in our bathroom – a big one!  And it is *just* high enough not to be an issue, but something I didn’t know I wanted until I had it.  It starts out clear and I LOVE looking out at the water as I shower and I love the natural light it brings into the bathroom.  By the end of my shower, there are streaks and droplets and steam, creating a liquid-wet combination that is both soothing and phantasmagoric in the same breathe.

I think every room should have window.  I think I could happily live in a glass house with a few half-walls for privacy.  I love light… whether it is a gray day or a sunny one, the sunshine is always there; sometimes it is just hovering above the clouds, knowing I await its warmth and yellow-orange glow…

I should take this same shot on a sunny day… the same window looks completely different.  But the dark, gray, gloominess of the day definitely comes through the window.


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